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Hello.  I think I’ve gotten my Soundcloud page organized finally.  I have been writing custom tracks for the past 7 years and realized I had accumulated a good amount, so I’m officially making them available for licensing.  I have just over 100 tracks available in just about every genre imaginable.  Feel free to peruse and email any questions to  

I’ve also included some original soundtracks to several short films I’ve worked on over the past few years and some other random works and demos.  

I’m working on a film the next couple months and hope to have some new material to show you by then.  Also, some fantastic collaborations that will be fruitful by the end of this year. 

Music for Licensing on Soundcloud:


My Soundcloud page will be a mess for the next few weeks as I clean, re-organize, and upload new material, new mixes, etc.

Insert Title…

This is my digital, internet bookmark.  I’m going underground for a while.  I have so many wonderful projects the rest of this year and I will be back to show them to you as I finish.  TTFN. 


I’ve been writing so much this month, I wasn’t sure if I would have the time to devote to a contest.  A contest with over 5,000 submissions no less.  I pity the intern who has to weed through those.  And I also apologize to that intern for adding to the heap.  

This was a fun exercise in orchestration and sound designing.  Basically, the premise was to use a stem or stems from a composition that Hans Zimmer had written for this contest and… change it.  I heard some fantastic entries that went way outside of the box.  

Here’s my modest crack at it.  I used the Solo Voice Stem in all four tracks and the Percussion Stem in “Four” - because, well, no one does big percussion like Hans Zimmer. 

Check out his original work here: and let me know what you think of my re-imaginings. 

Great project I worked on with director Nathan Presley

What makes your heart beat?

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